Friday, January 22, 2010

Bunnies, twigs and borders

My friend Carla has 3 Holland lop bunnies and they love apple tree trimmings. So yesterday I went to a friends house who was having her apple trees trimmed and I got a couple of arm loads full of trimmings to take to her for her bunnies. She was very appreciative. Then today I took the kids for a walk and there was a guy trimming more apple trees and so I picked up some more apple trimmings for her. As I was looking at the trimmings I thought they would make a great border for my lasagna garden in the front that the kids won't stay out of. So I picked some up for me too and came home and put a border around my garden. It looks pretty good as you can see. I don't know how well it will keep the kids out but it was fun and it looks cool.
It was so nice out today. Very cold this morning but warmed up this afternoon and the sun came out for a while.
The eagles were back again today. I can always tell because of their call. Very distinctive.
I checked on my garlic today and there are 3 elephant garlic and 16 regular garlic up. Very exciting. Its the first year that I have grown it.
So, ta ta for now.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh the joy....

It is 61 degrees outside right now at 2:40 in the afternoon. Oh what joy, oh what bliss. "Why are you inside?" you might ask. I have been working outside for about an hour and a half and came in for a break. The sun is out and I was out there in my long sleeved t-shirt and it was very comfortable. I had bought six primroses and nine pansys and wanted to get them planted and I did. What a spirit lifter to be outside.
I had some children's cowboy boots and rainboots I had gotten a couple of years ago and planted them with some of the pansy's and put the others in pots and containers and it feels like spring. When the ladies come over for bible study on Thursday it will look nice.
There is so much coming up in the garden. When we have days like this and I can go out and explore I feel so much better. Anything coming up in your gardens?
Well, I am going out for round two. Ta ta for now!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Birthdays

Yesterday we celebrated Mark and Jen's birthdays and Sarah did all the cooking as you can see.

She made Chicken Stew with Biscuits and a French Apple Tart.

They were both so good.

Everyone loved them.

She used her new dutch oven that we gave her for Christmas.

(I know this isn't about gardening but there isn't much going on right now and I wanted everyone to know that Sarah can cook.)

She wanted her picture taken so that everyone would believe that she really did cook.

She even did most of the clean-up!

She makes me so proud.

Tonight we're having Quiche Lorraine.

I'm cooking.


Ta ta for now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beautiful Sunrise

There is nothing like a beautiful sunrise to start the day. God must love us very much to give us such beauty. Mark called me this morning from his truck driving to the job and told me to hurry up and go look outside to see the sunrise because it was magnificent. So I did and was not disappointed. So I was able to get several shots before it was over. Of course I had to take pictures in between cars driving by, because I didn't want to scare them. Can you imagine driving by a house and having a flash go off? So I tried to be considerate. I hope it worked. It was a beautiful day today and I got to take the kids for a walk.

There are things coming up all over the garden! I'm so excited! Spring is on the way.

Time to make some dinner so ta ta for now!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Kids

These are the kids. Lola and Bing. They are so much fun. We love them dearly. I try to walk them everyday and they love and look forward to that everyday. In fact as soon as I put my white walking shoes on they start getting excited. I have to drive to another neighborhood to walk them because our street is just too busy and we have no sidewalks. But that's ok because I have met some very good friends by taking them for thier walks. So, anyway these are the kids and we love them. So this is the second post of the day. Ta ta for now.

Chickadee Rescue

Chickadee's are one of my favorite birds and I had the chance to rescue one today. When I got home from taking the dogs for a walk (in the misty rain) this little bird was lying on the back porch where it had apparently flew into the window. Lola was sniffing at it and would probably tried to play with it but I was able to get to it before she did. So I held it in my hand and had to get the dogs harnesses off with the other. Then I went to sit in one of lawn chairs to see if it would come back to consciousness. And low and behold I had my camera in my pocket so I was able to take a few shots of the bird and me. It only took about five minutes for it to come back to consciousness and to fly to the roof. It was so tiny. Much smaller than they look just on a branch or the feeder. What fun!
I think I may have figured out how to get pictures off the new camera. If so, I will be posting more. Well my soup will be done soon and my granola is coming out of the oven. Ta ta for now.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Do you love New Year's? I always get up before everyone else and think and pray and write down goals and for the coming year. I will not bore you with the details except to say that I have many. How about you?

This year for Christmas I wrote down a bunch of books that I wanted for Christmas and I got four of them.
"The Backyard Homestead" from my son Chris
"Lasagna Gardening" from Mark
"Keeping Chickens" from Mark
The American Horticultural Society's "Plant Propagation" from Sarah
and my friend Carla gave me "Tasha Tudaor's Garden".
What fun I have had already going through these books, and the garden catalogs keep coming everyday! I'm so excited. This is going to be a great year.

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year will be everything that you hope for. Have a blessed day. Ta ta for now.