Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So much to do!

I have been so busy out in the garden. The plant exchange is this Saturday and I want everything to be perfect. I know this is impossible but I can dream. Things are looking pretty good though. I wish I had time to put some pictures on here but we are going to an auction tonight and there is just no time. I potted up several things I bought at the Master Gardner Plant sale on Saturday today in the greenhouse while it was storming outside. So nice to have that to play in no matter what the weather is doing. Anyway, that's it for now. More later. Ta ta.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What I've been up to

This is my lasagna garden. It's in the front of the house and is more of a shade garden than sun garden. I have a ton of primroses, hostas, hardy fuchsias, hydrangeas, coral beds, bleeding hearts and others plants as well. In the center is a climbing dicentra going up a small trellis. Can't wait to see what that will look like. Found a new nursery that specializes in unusual plants and that's where that came from.

Here is the climbing dicentra.

Here is lettuce, sweet peas and a row of herbs. Strawberries in the back too. This is just part of our vegetable garden.

This is our new "Half Moon" garden. It is in the back yard between us and our next door neighbors. Mark worked very hard on this bed tilling it for a long time to try to get as much grass out as he could. It's really starting to look a lot different than it does in the picture now. There are a lot more plants in it and it's partly mulched now so it looks better. More pictures as it starts to fill in and look nicer.

"Sunshine" blueberry blossoms.

My friend Linda brought me a half a truck load of plants and these were it. You really can't see what all there is or how many plants there were but there was a lot.
I have spent many days getting them all planted.

Here I am working in the lasagna bed.

This was the old triangle bed that was full of grass and needed to be cleaned out. That was another thing that I have been working on for the past ten days.

Here is that same triangle bed all cleaned out and replanted. I put ten peony's that I got from Costco, three white snapdragons, three dianthus, a pineapple sage and six armeria. And a really pretty blue clemitis. There are also three stepping stones that my three oldest grandchildren made for me about 12 years ago.

It's been about 10 or 11 days since I have put any pictures on here so I hope this helps everyone to know what I have been up to. I am so enjoying the greenhouse. We all enjoy going out and just sitting in there and experiencing the warmth when its cold out. There is still a lot to learn but I have time for that.

I did this post last night and have edited everything this morning and hope to get this published now. It's raining again this morning so it either stay in or go play in the greenhouse. But first I need to drink my coffee and talk to Sarah for awhile.
So ta ta for now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have been so busy in the garden this week! I accomplished everything that I set out to do and a little more, but that has meant no blogging. By the time I was done at night I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. So, pictures and more later. Ta ta for now.

Friday, April 9, 2010


There is definately a learning curve with the greenhouse. I didn't think it would start getting this hot in the till later this spring or summer. Yesterday it got up to about 93 degrees and the vents opened up. When I got home today it was 112. I was so glad that I had put up the shade cloth yesterday.

Here are the vents opened up. They are automatic and start to open up when it gets to 70 degrees and above. They will completely open up when it gets hotter.

Here is how the shade looks with it just up on one of the walls. It sure helps keep things from burning up. I already had to take some things out because the leaves on the verbena and geranium were burning.

I went to Vassey Nursery today and picked up some Walla Wally Sweet Onion sets to plant this weekend. Mark is going to till up the garden tomorrow.

My friend Carla has a clawfoot bathtub in her back yard that she has goldfish in and waterlillies. I love it and hope someday to get one too.

These are Carla's chickens. I go over and get my chicken fix and visit them. One of these day I too will have chickens.

Yesterday I potted up twelve winter jasmine. My friend Lil had given me a winter jasmine about three years ago and it has done very well. I was able to find twelve rooted shoots that I cut off the mother plant and potted up. I was going to keep them in the greenhouse but with the heat so hot I took them out along with the other flats for the plant exchange. They should do just fine outside the garden room door on the cement.

There is going to be a new bed in the back yard soon. It's going to be 25' to 30' x 5' to 6' wide. I have about twenty-five plants and shrubs to plant there now. So that is our next project. It's getting late now so ta ta for now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Greenhouse News

Here are pictures of the inside of the greenhouse with stuff in it. This is a
"Lemon Fizz" Scented Geranium on the right and a Lemon Verbena on the left. In the center is a cute soap holder with lemon verbena soap in it. (Can you tell I like lemon?)(Correction:The geranium is on the left and the verbena is on the right.)

Here is the bench that my friend Kim made me last summer. It fits on the back wall like it was made for there. On the left are two lugs from Van Lierops Bulb Farm. I has bought five of them to in the greenhouse. I wish I had six of them. I also like clay pots and galvanized tin buckets.

This is a plant that I got at the Seattle Flower and Garden Show this year. It's called a "Carmichaella odorata". It gets little white and purple pea like flowers. Can't wait to see what it looks like.

This is my potting bench that Mark have me for Mother's Day about 10 years ago. I just love it. Its been under the grape arbor for about five years. Its a treasured possession.

This is my flower frog collection. I really do use them.

This is the mini greenhouse that we had in the house to start seedlings on. It now has a permanent home in the "big house".

Ok, here is the whole bench that Kim made me. I should tell the story of how it came to be. Paige (his wife) were at Watson's Nursery and we were just looking around and and came across a garden bench that I thought was nice and I told Paige I would love to have it. She said Kim could build that so easy. So later that day she went home and brought Kim back to the nursery and they took a picture of it and Kim went home and built two of them, one for her and one for me and brought it over to me. I was so thrilled. Kim is such a nice guy. Thanks again, Kim.

This is another view of the potting bench from Mark.

So this is my new hangout. What I love so much about it is that I can see out. In my garden room that I have its dark and has small windows and is cold. I am warm and cozy and I can look at what's going on outside. Such a blessing!

Well, I had to have a sleep study last night and am very tired and am going to take a shower and get all the goo out of my hair and try to take a nap. Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I don't know how I did it but here are some pictures. This is the couple who were putting up the greenhouse. This was the frame. They have on rain gear because the weather was very cold, rainy and windy. But they worked all afternoon on it.

Here is the inside with nothing in it yet. It no longer looks like that but I will have pictures of what it looks like now later.

Here it is from the outside. It's 8x14. It seemed really big til I started putting things in it. It just wonderful. Yesterday the mailman drove down our driveway (which he never does) and gave me my mail and said "It looks like someone never had a playhouse when she was little girl." I just laughed and told him "I do now!" So it looks like I may have figured out the picture thing now so I am back in business.

Ta ta for now.


The greenhouse is beautiful. I wish I could show you a picture of it. I love it! It can be raining and windy on the outside and I am warm and cozy on the inside but I can still see everything around me. I took one of the lawn chairs in there yesterday and was talking on my cell phone and having a great time. I have moved a potting bench, a large bench with shelves, a little greenhouse that we had in the house for starting seeds, my container of potting soil, plants, some lugs I bought at Van Lierops Bulb Farm, pots and misc. other items. It seems to be getting smaller. Now I need to get some shelves and gutters up. I have so much fun out there. I just have to remember not to ignore the rest of the garden now that I have the greenhouse.

Well, its 9:00 and I need to get ready for the day. Ta ta for now.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everyone! It may be foggy outside but my heart is full of the light and gladness for what my Lord did so long ago to make sure that I would live eternally with him someday! I also have joy in my spirit even when I am hurting on the outside because I know Him personally.

May your day be full of happiness all day with family celebrations, good conversation and rest. Have a wonderful day!

Ta ta for now.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Greenhouse Going Up!!!

The greenhouse is going up. The computer won't upload the latest pictures so there are no pictures yet. This is so exciting. They're not sure if they are going to glass it in today or not because of the wind and rain but it is now two-thirds done! This so exciting! I'll keep you all posted. Ta ta for now.