Thursday, June 24, 2010

Have a seat

This is the chair that sits by my front door that I have planted with verbena. I have several chairs around the house planted with different things. Just thought I would show this one.

It was another beautiful day. Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Poppy

Isn't this beautiful? My friend Carla gave me some seeds of this poppy last. have been waiting all spring and on this the 2nd day of I have blooms. I have four more plants that I am waiting on to bloom. Can't wait.

The sun is out and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts! Ta ta for now.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To the three men in my life who mean the most, Happy Father's Day! My Dad, my husband Mark and my son Chris. I love each of you very much and you mean the world to me.

P.S. I actually have four men in my life. My son-in-law Scott helped give me four of my beautiful grandchildren. Thank you Scott. I love you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The sun came out to play!

The sun was out for three days and its now overcast again, but I'm hoping for better things to come.

I have several stories to tell. I have been gone awhile because we made a quick trip down to Coos Bay, Oregon for Mark's sister who was in some distress and that got me all off schedule. But we are back now and she is doing much better and I hope to get back to blogging.

One of my closest friends (who shall go unnamed) told me of someone who was getting rid of all her irises in her side yard along the street and if I wanted some to just go and dig some up. The husband told her not to knock on the door to say we were getting any so I just put my pitchfork in the car and loaded up the dogs to go for a walk afterwards and drove over to the house and started digging. Well, the lady of the house came out and asked what I was doing and "No, she wasn't getting rid of her irises." I was terribly embarrassed, but she was so gracious and said that was OK and asked me if I would like to see the rest of her backyard and was I interested in some other plants? I never turn down plants. She took me into her backyard which was beautiful and proceeded to give me the wonderful peony that is pictured above, two red-twig dogwoods and two bear's breeches. How gracious is that!? Her name is Nancy and I've made a new gardening friend.

Don't you love the sentiment on this plaque? My friend Paige and I went to Gig Harbor to some nursery's and while I was looking in the clearance rack at Rosedale Gardens I found this on the shelf. It didn't have a tag and I found someone to ask how much it was. She went to find out and I looked around for awhile. What a great nursery it is. Great statuary and paths to wander along and lots of plants. Anyway, I found her back in the gift shop and when I asked her how much it was she just gave it to me, no charge, because she said that it had come off something else and she couldn't find the other piece. Another generous soul. Thank you, Rosedale Gardens!

The border is looking so good in the front yard. This was taken about a week ago and it looks ever better now. I didn't want to take the time to go outside and snap another picture because I probably wouldn't have made it back in. More pictures later.

A couple of weeks ago Catherine at "A Gardener in Progress" posted about lady bugs. So I decided to get some. Well, Watson's was all out but they did have some praying mantis larva's in a little carton. I never got around to getting them hung up outside anywhere and when I opened the lid the other night to just look they had hatched! There were about a zillion little mantis's in the carton. So I took them out to the roses that had had aphids on them and the aphids were already gone. So I went to several areas in the garden and let them out. So this is a picture of one of them on the honeysuckle by the carport. Aren't they cute!

Here is one of my scabiosa blooms with a bee on it. So glad to see the bees.

Yesterday I picked my first sweet pea blooms. So excited! I haven't planted them in a few years and I planted a lot of them this year. I also picked a whole bowl of strawberries and we had them for dessert last night.

So that's it for now. I will be back soon. Ta ta for now!
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Friday, June 4, 2010

More Rain?

I really haven't disappeared off the planet. I have just been busy in the garden between rain storms. This has been a busy week. Not many pictures either.

I can report that we put up a higher fence in the back closer to the house and now I have room to put up my iron bed stead and plant an asparagus bed. I also want to do a formal herb garden. Anyway I will be gone most of the day so ta ta for now!