Monday, June 6, 2011


I am having an issue with Blogger and am wondering if anyone else is having the same issue. I have tried for two days to get on and comment on Lilac Cottage Blog and have not been able to stay signed in. I will sign in and when I comment in puts me on as Anonymous and kicks me off of being signed on. So frustrating!!!!

The other issue is since I got my computer back the last time a week ago I haven't been able to download any new pictures.

So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks The first thing was that our smallest pug Lola was attacked by the two big dogs next door. I won't go into all the details because it would take too long. She ended up having surgery on her leg and neck. A week later she was back in for more surgery because her neck wound fell apart from infection that was still in there and so had to go through all of that again. She is doing much better and the hard part is trying to keep her from scratching the incision and restricting her movements. She wants to run around the yard with her big brother. So she has to go outside with a makeshift harness that won't touch her stitches. But she is on the mend.

The neighbors paid a big portion of her vet bill and are in the process of putting up a much more secure fence on their side of the already existing fence.

The other thing is much happier. My son Chris moved from our house back into his home with his wife Jen and their two children. This is SUCH an answer to prayer. God is SO GOOD. All the time.

The garden is looking so good. I wish I could show you. The chickens are doing well and getting big. I hope big enough to start laying eggs in about a month.

I pray everyone has a good week. I'll say tata for now.