Monday, September 27, 2010

Tahoe and Flowers

I went to go see my sister in Tahoe a couple of weeks ago and we had the best time.
One of our high school friends came to see us at her place and we just sat and talked for the longest time. Here are the three of us together in her back yard. From left to right: Brenda, me and Cindy.

Brenda lives above the Truckee River on the edge of the forest and its just gorgeous. I would get up early every morning and have my coffee and devotions sitting on the couch in the living room and watch the sun come up over the mountains with her cat Ivy. Here is a bear planter on her deck.

Birdhouse off the deck.

This is an old ski chair that sits right on the edge of the deck that I could sit and read in and rock in the sun. The weather was great while I was there.

The morning before I left we went to a resort called Sorenson's for breakfast. We shared an omelet and home fries and fruit and then looked around the grounds. They were moss bear sculptures that are covered in ivy in the summer all over the place. Here is a picture of Brenda with some flowers in the back ground.

Here's the sign for the place against a back drop of pines.

Don't you just love sunflowers? These are in the half-moon garden. The squirrels planted them.

Isn't this a pretty color of aster?

I'm hoping things are going to settle down now that the summer is winding down and its fall now. My bible study started last Thursday and I had fourteen ladies here in my home and it was great. It's a Beth Moore study on the life of David. It's called "A Heart Like His". It's going to be very good.

I have decided not to pursue the Master Garden program for this year at least. I have so many things going on right now and that will continue for awhile that I don't think I can take on any more. We also have a hard family issue going on right now and that makes it difficult to think of add one more thing to the fire.

I've done quite a bit of traveling this summer and hope that i am home to stay for awhile. Although Sarah and I are going to see Beth Moore in Spokane the last weekend in October. That should be great.

The weather today was supposed to be really nice but right now its so muggy we can't hardly stand to go outside. It's like you can cut the air its so thick.

I went to some garage sales this weekend and ended up with a child's wardrobe for $10.00. I'm very excited about that. I hope to get it painted and new drawer pulls on it and use it to hold linens. I'll try to have a picture here pretty soon.

Well that's all for now. Ta ta.