Friday, May 25, 2012


This dogwood is about 4 years old now and we were beginning to think it was never going to bloom but it finally did this year and I was so excited! Great big white blooms. So pretty.

Sarah and I are going to Boise this weekend for my 2nd granddaughters graduation from home school.  We are very excited. She is such a beautiful girl and is into photography. Can't wait to see the whole family.  We have a special surprise for them after they get there.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend. Stay safe and enjoy family and friends.  Tata for now.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Tragedy at the Barbecue and a baby bunnie

     It was a beautiful Mother's Day. I had two of my children here and three of my grandchildren.  The sky was cloudless and it was warm and Mark barbecued steak and prawns. That's when tragedy struck.  We had been noticing that there were a pair of wrens hanging around the back and we thought they had a nest in the yew by the deck.  Such was not the case.  Mark got out the kettle barbecue and put the cylinder in it that he starts the coals in. He kept noticing that the wrens were hanging around and making a lot of noise trying to get his attention. He just kept on getting the barbie ready.  I was by the garden room going through some boxes of dahlias someone had given me.  I came to the back and I noticed that the wren was were making a lot of noise and flying at the ashcan on the bottom of the barbie. Then I noticed that there was small chirping in the ash can and quickly got the cylinder out of the kettle and then saw a couple of flaming sheets of newspaper under that. Thankfully I had gloves on and was able to quickly get those out.
     Now I had to figure out how to help the babies.  Bing and Lola our Pugs were circling around the barbie wondering what I'm doing and one of the babies jumped out and Lola grabbed it and started going way. She was not gentle and the baby was gone.
However, by that time Mark had come out and we were able to save the other two babies and put the barbie back where it was and watched for the mom and dad to come back to check on the babies. They did but all afternoon they looked for the dead baby and just broke our hearts watching them. They cried out for them and looked high and low.
We won't be using that barbecue until we know for sure that they are done using it.  The above picture is the infamous barbie. The two holes you see on the bottom are what they use to go in and out. The babies were so cute.
We now have four nests that we know about around the yard. Juncos, Wrens, Chickadees and sparrows.  I just love it!
Today I was weeding and watering in the friendship garden in the back and found a baby bunny. I picked it up and took it to another part of the yard where it would be able to stay away from the chickens who would find it and hurt it.
Speaking of the chickens they are all doing great. Well integrated and I let them out as much as possible.
The garden is mostly planted and doing well. That's all for today.

Many Blessings,

Sunday, May 13, 2012


  I have two beautiful daughters I would like to say Happy Mother's Day  and my Dad married a wonderful gal that we all love that I would like to honor also.

We will spend the morning at church and then come home and barbecue with my daughter Sarah and Jacob and my son Chris and Hailey and Landen.  I am so blessed with a wonderful family.

I hope all you out there who are mothers have a blessed Mother's Day also and spend it how ever you like.

Friday, May 11, 2012



     I found the Junco nest.  I believe there are four babies in the nest. I was able to get two pictures and then I left them alone.  The nest is only about two or three inches from the twig fence of the Half Moon Border.  I will leave them alone now.  I just wanted to know where the nest was. I didn't think there would be babies already. They've been there longer than I thought.

     Here's another shot of them. You lcan just see the yellow beaks.  So very cute and delicate.  I will be watching closely to see if I can see when they leave the nest.

     Here is the father (I think) sitting in the tree above the border.  I just love watching them.  I hope that all of you have a great weekend.



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plant Exchange, Juncos, Garden Room

So the plant exchange was so fun. It was so cold and cloudy but it didn't rain. Eight gardening friends came and we tour the gardens,
laughed a lot, did some exchanging and ate some goodies and drank hot tea and coffee.  I just love my gardening friends and I want to say thanks for coming out on a gloomy day. When gardening friends get together its always a good time.  We teased Carla who couldn't be here by texting her that we were really glad that it was a progressive exchange and we loved going to her house and taking what we wanted from her flower beds. She was out on the sound fishing with her boyfriend. What would life be like if we couldn't have fun with one another.

 Here is a picture of 7 of the ladies who came. I didn't get a picture of Rita. She came a little later. From the left there was Leanne, Denise G, Candi, (hiding behind Denise) Gloria, Janet, Denise B,
and Yvonne. Not pictured it Rita. Thank you ladies for making this a special day.

I was blessed with some wicker furniture from my friend Janet and was able to get it done by the special day. Here it is in the garden room.  She also gave me a beautiful carpet that worked beautifully in the room.  This is my garden room that I can go and sit out in when its really hot because it stays about 65 degrees all the time. I love it and put everything garden themed in here.

We have Juncos nesting on the ground of the half moon garden.So we have to be very careful walking too close to that part of the border.  I am so excited about this border.  I started it about 2 years ago and already it is looking so full. There's so much in it and I keep adding more. It's our living privacy screen from the neighbors.  It's coming along very nicely. More pictures as the season progresses.

The baby chicks are now nicely integrated into the big flock and seem to be doing well.  There are so many things in the garden blooming right now and getting ready to bloom.  I need to get outside and do some gardening.  My grandson Jacob has a track meet this afternoon at 3 and I want to do some stuff.

I am going to try to keep up better with the blogging. I will leave you with something to think about.

If you treat an individual as if she were what she ought to be and could be, she will become what she ought to be and could be.

Just a thought.