Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three Days to go and new Clematis

Clematis "Apple Blossom"

Well, that was a big finger slip. I now have three posts for this day. I went to do one thing and posted something twice. I really must be more careful. But on the other hand it's only three days to go till the greenhouse comes! My fingers are very excited! I have the spot almost ready to go. I just have to take out a little more sod and lay down the landscaping mat and it will be ready for gravel that Mark has to go and get. We thought we could have it delivered but it far more expensive to go that route and Mark will go get it one yard at a time. We need two yards of 5/8's inch plus gravel. That means it still has the little stuff in it and is not clean. That's technical talk which I'm not very good at. All I know is that we have to have that done by Friday. Not an easy task.

Ok, I would have more pictures up but for some reason after I put this one on the program wouldn't go to the album with the rest of these pictures on it. I'm not really sure I understand all of this. I guess I should go back to my Blogger for Dummies Book.

We had a hailstorm yesterday that was the hardest that I can remember ever being in. I was standing on the back deck with the roofer (yes, we had to have part of a roof redone) and it started to hail and we couldn't even talk to each other because it was coming down so hard. We it was finally over you couldn't see the driveway anymore and the flowerbeds were full of hail stones. And they stayed for a few hours. It was just amazing. Spring weather can be very unpredictable.

The sweet peas are doing so good! Some of them are 2 inches or more tall. Can't wait for them to bloom. But soon I will be very busy getting the green house set up and working in there and won't have time to think about them as much.

Mark will get a two day weekend this weekend and we hope he can till up the garden so I can start to get lettuce and spinach planted. Soon there will be so much do to I won't know whether I'm coming or going. But I love it! That's what gardening is all about.

Jacob was helping me measure out the greenhouse apace yesterday before it started raining again and I think the space it going to look good. It's not going to be centered in the middle of the lavender anymore. We took out all of the lavender and it will be all the way over to the left of that space so if we ever need to get a vehicle to the back for some reason there will be room. Did I say there were only three days left till it comes? Oh, yea I guess I did. Well, I'm getting hungry and better make myself something to eat. So, ta ta for now!

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Jennifer said...

Your energy for gardening is contagious! It always makes me want to go and and dig something up in the yard. Today, I leveled the back of the little house and garden shed where the boys had dug a hole all the way to the sewer line. I had to wear my snow/rain boots because of all the doggie doo and mud, but it was not too cold or windy and it felt to good to have one thing marked off my yard to do list. Love Ya!