Friday, March 12, 2010

New Layout

I have decided to try a different layout for my blog. What do you think? It may be all different tomorrow, we'll see. Please let me know. I will answer everyone on their blogs if you do. Should I stay with this or go back to my original or keep searching for the perfect layout? I would appreciate all comments. Thanks and ta ta.


Tinell said...

This is the background I had also. If you are looking for some great blog backgrounds, buttons, etc, you should check out:
You will now have a hard time choosing just one background.

Jennifer said...

I like the update. The dots are cute. I think it worth checking out the above mentioned blogs though and see what's happening! Love You!

Sanstrom Seven said...

The dots are cute. I agree with Tinell and Jennifer, those sites are great. So far I've used the Shabby Blogs site (they have some good tutorials on cuting up your blog there also) but am going to take a look at the cutest blog site. have fun!