Monday, March 22, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Alliums for plant exchange

First rosebud of the season

One of three new roses on the front fence

The first anemones

Seedling poppy

Birdhouse in the new flowerbed

Lola with a bone

It is now eleven days till the greenhouse comes! So excited! I still need to get the sod dug out and the gravel ordered but that's all. And now wait. I know it will go really fast but each day seems like forever.

Saturday was warm and wonderful for working outside. I got three roses from my friend Carla planted out by the front fence and they look great. I'm not sure what the name of them are but they are a pretty pale pink and are climbers. I have them weaving in and out of the fence. They will be just beautiful when they start to bloom.

I am enjoying my new garden cart so much. I use it everyday. It is so great for hauling things around the yard in. Such a back saver. I would recommend one for anyone.

So far all the perennials that I have planted are doing well. We have had a couple of just freezing temps at nights and everything has survived so far. I am in the process of cleaning out a bed by my garden room that is going to be planted with peonies. But first all the grass has to be cleaned out of it. Its so thick in there that it's already choked out some of the plants I've had in the bed.

We still don't have chickens ordered but that will be soon. Mark is working some really long days and doesn't have much time when he gets home to work on other projects but the days are getting longer.

The sun is out now and I want to get a few things done before it's supposed to rain again this afternoon. Hope everyone has a great day. Ta ta for now!

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