Friday, March 12, 2010

March Fun

This cart is what Mark gave me for my birthday. I'm so excited because its also has a dump feature. It will hold up to 1000lbs and will dump 400 and Mark can attach it to his riding lawn mower and take the grand kids for a ride. I love it because now I can haul around all the stuff I need all around the yard.

This is a Drumstick Primula that I just love. I divided it this fall and now have seven of them in the lasagna garden in the front.

This next picture is one my friend Rhoda made me about 13 years ago for my birthday. I just love it and it hangs in my garden room.

Here is a close up of what the picture says. This is picture is one of my favorite pieces of garden art.

This is the sign that is on the door going into my garden room.

This is Scabiosa or Pincushion Flower called "Fama". It has huge blooms.

This is the future site of the chicken coop. Yes, I will be getting chickens this year. I'm so excited. I can hardly wait.

I have had the best birthday this year. My friends and family have just spoiled me. Lunches and presents and cards and calls. I am truly blessed and really feel loved.

I want to say a big thank you to Maury for fixing my computer so that my pictures will once again download from my camera. That's why I haven't been on here much.

Well, tonight we have another birthday celebration with Chris, Jen, Hailey and Landon, Sarah, Jacob and Mark and I. So I must go and at least take a stab at straightening up the house. Ta ta for now!


Jennifer said...

I love the garden cart! The fact that it 'dumps' is very cool! Great pictures of the flowers too. Are they really blooming now?

Kay's flowers said...

Yes, they really are blooming right now. And I do love the cart. Have used it and its great. Hope you had a good weekend. Love, Mom