Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nine Days

Nine days to go! (Greenhouse time line.)

Ok. Today I got to work outside in almost 70 degree sunny weather. What an incredible feeling. So warm and felt so good. I started removing the sod from the space where the greenhouse is going to go. Yeah! I didn't get very far but at least its started.

My friend Susan brought me over some accessories for the greenhouse and brought over her three dogs to play with the kids. They had such a good time running around the yard and trying to show off to each other. Lola was a little overwhelmed because they were all boys but she had fun also. She also brought me some more plants. What fun that is. Some day after I get them all planted and they are coming up I will take pictures are put them on here.

I am going to go outside and sit on the deck for awhile and enjoy this beautiful day. So ta ta for now.

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Jennifer said...

I love it that you have friends to share plants with! What a blessing!!