Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Greenhouse Update

Well, I have picked out the greenhouse I want and will be ordering it in about 3 weeks I hope. It is one of the Glass Gardener Greenhouses that I left a link to on one of my earlier posts. I Can hardly wait. I am so excited. We are even going to have them set it up. It only takes them about eight or nine hours from start to finish. On my post for Feb 22nd I have a picture of the site where the greenhouse is going to go. It's quite exciting.

There are daffs coming up all over the place. In the bed in front of the garden room that is a whole row of bunches of about nine or eleven opening up and under the dining room window there are about fifty getting ready to open. I would show pictures but since we had the computer worked on I can't get the camera to download pictures. I can upload older pictures but no new ones:(. Hopefully that will fixed on Wednesday night.

Had my first birthday celebration on Saturday. My friend Carla picked me up in the morning and we went nursery hopping in Sumner and had a picnic at the park there and then walked around Sumner and went into some shops. It was a great day. One on the things we did was go into Indulge Cupcakes and each picked out a cupcake to have with our sandwiches and they were soo good. I have an Orange Creamsickle. That's a very good way to do it instead of a whole cake to have to deal with. Here is a link to their website:
If you are in Sumner you really should go there and check them out.

As I sit here looking out the window at the hazy sunshine I pray that it will get a few degrees warmer so that I can go outside and play. (After I take the kids for a walk of course.) I have sod to take out where the greenhouse is going to go and more flower beds to finish digging. It's going to be a great year in the garden! Ta ta for now.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah for you! Can't wait to see it up and in place!!!!! Fun fun fun...