Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Month

So this is my birthday month. I celebrate all month. Its also an extra long month so I get 31 days instead of just 28. I don't get presents everyday but the cards come a little at a time and I just like to think of it as a birthday month not just a birthday day.

The day that my computer got worked on my friend Greg brought me over a load of horse poop. It was very nicely aged so I was able to put it on the garden. My friend Carla came over and got some and I put the rest on the compost pile. Speaking of compost Costco has a tumbling composter that we are going to get. We went to get one this weekend and they were out. Here's the link if you want to see one.


It's pretty cool. They are supposed to get some more in on the 8th or 9th and we will be right there to get one. This is not one of my birthday presents. I have let my family know that I want "Blogging for Dummies". Maybe I can get my blog to look a little more professional.

There are so many daffodils about to bloom and there are also a few tulips getting ready to open. So exciting! The daffs called "Cheerfulness" not "Cheerful" as last reported are still blooming and looking and smelling like heaven. I took some over to my other friend Carla yesterday and she loved them. There's just something about fresh flowers that make you feel good.

News on the chicken front. It looks like I may be getting chickens after all. So excited! The big part is getting the chicken coop done. We also have to put a new roof on half of our garage and that is going to be a pretty penny. So lots of things going on around here. Still waiting on greenhouse plans too.

My camera will no longer download pictures that I have recently taken for some reason. So no new pictures for now. Well, that's about all the news for now.

Ta ta.

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Jennifer said...

It's your birthday!!!!!! :)