Monday, March 15, 2010

New Flower Bed

Here is the new flowerbed that I am really excited about. On Saturday I finished taking out the sod and got it all planted. There are 35 plants in there and 25 dutch iris. There are artemesia, monardas, lemon balm, dianthis, some herbs and I'm really not sure what all I put in there. I'm not a very good record keeper so it will be somewhat of a surprise. This is only part of what its going to look like. We are taking out the large evergreen bushes that are in the corners of this yard that is in front of the living rooms and dining rooms. I have wanted those bushes out since we moved here and this is going to be the year. This yard is going to be our bird, butterfly and bee garden. Then I am going to move my desk into the garden room (where its so cold all the time) so I see that garden and watch the birds at the bird feeders. We are going to have to figure out a way to keep me warm in the winter.

These are emerging tulips that I planted last fall. They are so pretty!

These are emerging coral bell blooms. I love the spiky blooms for flower arrangements. I divided several of mine last year and now have quite a few to get cut flowers from.

These are my sweet peas coming up! Some are over an inch tall already. I'm going to have to get my trellis's up soon. I love sweet peas.

The chives are already starting to blossom. That makes me very happy. Maybe we will try the blossoms in salad this year.

Cute little pansy or viola blossoms out in the garden paths. They are so cheerful and sweet.

My friend Carla, (I know four people named Carla now,) I call her flower Carla, had me over yesterday to dig up starts from her garden. What fun. There are campanulas, bleeding hearts, hellebore's, lambs ears, primroses, roses and more. We had a great time. She has a beautiful garden. That's how I met her last spring. I had been out walking the dogs and I passed this amazing yard and one day when Sarah, Jabob and I were out walking the dogs she was out in her carport and we told here how much we liked her yard and the rest is history. She's a great friend. We had to wrestle the roses out and they are quite thorny. I'm going to put them out in the front along the fence. I'll have to make the beds around them pretty big so Bing and Lola don't get stuck in them and Mark can mow out there and not get stuck. I probably need to think about the pipe that's under there for the water line from the pump house. Wouldn't want to rupture that.

So here in garden world there are many things going on. I am planning to have a plant exchange in May. Anyone ever hosted one of those and would like to tell me how it went? I also have a small cupboard that I am going to paint and put a new dragonfly drawerpull on. So many projects and so little time. So with that I will say ta ta for now!

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Jennifer said...

Love the pics! Oooooo! Your butterfly, bee, and bird garden sounds delightful! A space heater under your desk and some rice heating packs on your feat along with a heated throw just might do the trick!:) A plant exchange sounds down right lovely! How exciting! I just read another blog and the girl made her own seed pots out of news paper. Have you ever done that?