Monday, May 10, 2010

Post Mother's Day

Bachelor Button with Bumblebee

Before planting...

After planting...

First poppy of the season. Isn't is a beautiful color?

New Mother's Day bird bath.

I had such a great Mother' Day. We all had a great time. Thank you Mark, Sarah, Chris, Jen and Jennifer. I love you all very much and without you I wouldn't be having a Mothers Day.

Today I worked in the bed by the greenhouse and planted between 60 and 70 bedding plants in that space. I'm hoping to have a great cutting garden later this summer.

My first poppy opened today and it's just beautiful as you can see. I love poppys and hope to have more this summer.

The top picture is a bachelor butter with a bumblebee on it. There were several out there along with some honey bees.

The last picture is my new bird bath which was abMother's Day present from Mark. I love it. I have geraniums and lobeiia planted around it.

I'm having so much fun!! Ta ta for now.

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Jennifer said...

AaawwWwwwww!!!! You are my garden inspiration you know!!! Cutting flowers and fragrant flowers are my life's goal. Scott and I bought some bulbs for peonies and clymatis from costco at a discounted price since they must be planted soon! Need advice on where....? to plant them. My front bed that you helped me to plant is now way to crowded. The poor columbine which is one of Scott's favorite is crowded under the giant leaves of those lily's that don't come up till fall. I must transplant some items. Love you! Jennifer