Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Space

They are gone!!! The two junipers that I've wanted out of the front yard since we moved in here almost six years ago are finally gone. I told Mark for Mother's Day one of the things he could do for me was get those out of there. So last Saturday he and Sarah and Jacob spent almost the whole day digging them out. It took three trips to the dump to get them out and I have a lot more space in the front for my bird, butterfly and bee garden. We bought two Kousa "Ruby Slipper" Dogwoods to put in their place and they are just coming into bloom so we'll get to enjoy them.

I spent a long time this morning looking for a picture of the front before they were out but so you could see what it looked like but I couldn't find one that would work. But believe me, it looks so different. So much more open now. We can actually see our whole sidewalk now. Such a difference! Here is one picture of what it looks like now. I'll post more pictures later when the dogwoods are in and the flowers are more in bloom. I have a lot of different perennials in this bed and am not sure what all of

When I look back on pictures of the garden a couple of months ago when I first put the little fence up I can hardly believe how much everything has grown. It's coming along just like I imagined it would.

I just love the way the big heuchura's (?) look. They are so big and healthy.

I love the way heliotrope smells. It's just like vanilla or baby powder. Heavenly!

This a poppy that my friend Carla gave me some seeds of last fall and it is the only one that came up from seed. I can't remember what color it was but it was beautiful. She also dug up some seedlings from her garden and I was able to successfully transplant them to my garden. Can't wait for them to bloom. (I see another little evergreen that may have to go. Do you think Mark would notice?)

I hope all of you are getting lots of garden time and enjoying your gardens and flowers and I'll say ta ta for now!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your front yard looks great. I love the border you have along the sidewalk. That's something I'd eventually like to do with our front too. Having my family help me in the garden on Mother's Day was better than any actual gift. I think your husband and kids did a great job!
I love Heliotrope. I always plant at least one on the deck so I can go out and smell it.

Jennifer said...

The front does look terrific! The coral bells are so big too! Mine are coming along very nicely too but not quite as large as yours!! Love you! Jennifer

Kay's flowers said...

Thanks so much Catherine. I'm having such a great time. Just loving this time of year. Looks like we might have a nice day today. Hope you are able to get out in it. The heliotrope is heavenly and I have a few more that a friend gave me from her greenhouse that I need to get planted. Have a great day.