Friday, May 7, 2010

Experiencing the Garden

I'm going to give a talk tonight to the ladies at my church on gardening. It will be on experiencing the garden and my favorite topic, fragrance. I love fragrant plants and I have a few to take with me. Corsican mint, some sages, oregano, stock, heliotrope, to name a few. It should be fun. There will also be someone there to demonstrate flower arranging. I'm looking forward to it and am a little nervous. But I'll be talking about something I love, so it will be fine.

I must go and get everything ready. Ta ta for now.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

That sounds like such a fun topic. I was just noticing the Corsican mint in my yard today, Yum!
I hope your talk went really well!

Jennifer said...

Mom, You always do such a good job when you tal and especiallly about plants. Scott and I were looking at some vining plants the other day in Costco. We were discussing wether or not they were fragrant. Something that I enjoy and he doesn't really (allergies and all). Anyways there was one there that I had bought you for mother's day some years ago and it was a non-fragrant one. It was very gorgeous though! Love you! Jennifer