Monday, May 17, 2010

Generosity, High Drama and a Goodbye

Baby possum

I think gardeners are some of the most generous people know. I was out walking Bing and Lola in my favorite neighborhood and passed a house that had a whole bed of beautiful purple iris. The gal who lived there was out in her yard and I told her how much I liked her irises. She told me they smelled like root beer and invited me to come and smell them. I did and they did smell like root beer. Then she offered me some. She said when they were done blooming to just come by and pull some up to take home. We chatted for a little bit and she told me her name was Sally and that she had taken the irises to some nurseries to find out what kind they were and no one could ever tell her their name. So I told her I was going to call them "Sally's Irises". I think she liked that. Then she ended up just pulling some out of the bed right then and giving them to me. Wasn't that nice?

Next, are the exploits of Bing and Lola. On Monday Lolo somehow found a baby sparrow in the yard from the nest that is on the back fence about twelve feet in the air on a pole. By the time Sarah got it away from her it was dead and the mother or father were dive-bombing her head. They were not happy about it. Then yesterday they found a baby possum out by the back fence. It was all curled up in the "playing possum" position. So we quickly got it into a gardening bucket and it was OK. (This is now a week since I started this post and a lot has happened.) We gave it some dog food and water which it ate and drank and when Bing and Lola went to bed to bed I took it out to where we found it and let it out and it scampered off into the dark. I know many people don't like possums but I couldn't just let the dogs kill it. So I am just going to imagine that it's mother found it sometime during the night and they both went off together.

I would like to tell Leanne how much she is in my thoughts and prayers right now. She is a recent new gardening friend and she had to say an unexpected goodbye to her husband last week. Just know if there is anything I can do I will. Words are so inadequite a time like this. You are loved.

I leave you with "I love you all". And may there be no more goodbyes for a long time.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I agree gardeners are the most generous people! It'll be fun to have your neighbor's irises in your garden now.
I bet the baby possum is glad you found it and not someone that doesn't like them. They are kinda cute in a way :)
PS If I'm ever down that way I'd love to stop in for a visit, same goes if you're up this way.

lemonverbenalady said...

Hi Kay,

Your baby possum brought back memories of our baby possum. We had a baby possum sitting on our second story window one night. My husband was working on the computer and heard a knocking sound behind him. He came running into our bedroom waking me up with "I think there is a skunk on the windowsill. I knew that couldn't be, but we do have ivy on the front of our house, so I still was convinced that it wasn't a skunk. I started to pray. When I pulled the curtain back, there was a baby possum sitting there. I think he loved the view from the second story! He did disappear, but I learned that possum have the most teeth of any mammal, 50 or 60. Something like that! Interesting a possum and note pads have brought us together, Kay! Ha! Ha! Hope you will keep visiting. Now that I'm a fan, I will be by more often! Nancy

Kay's flowers said...

Hi Catherine and Nancy,
Thanks so much for visiting! If I am ever up there I will plan to make your garden a stop, Catherine. Thanks. I will keep visiting both your blogs. They are such fun. I don't get on mine to post as much as I would like but I'm working on it. Have a great gardening weekend.