Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunshine, blooms and more

Future site of Greenhouse

Mason Bee Can

Sweet Pea Site

Daffodils "Cheerful"

Emerging Drumstick Primrose

Ok. My computer is back up and running. What did we ever do before them? We certainly didn't have blogs. So I've posted these pictures and I'm going to tell you all about them.

First, future site of the greenhouse. My prayer is for a 12x16 and Mark and I are both trying to research what would be best. We went to see the one in Yelm by some friends of ours and it was pretty cool. I would love to have one that big and well made. We'll see. For now I have the little one in the house to get my seedlings started and will try to get those started today.

Next is my can of mason bees. We have them under the eve of the garage and they were pretty full and they are starting to emerge. Love them. We need to put up more nests for them to lay eggs in this year.

Then there is the sweet pea bed. I got them planted on Sunday and am very excited to have them this year. I have chicken wire over them so the birds don't eat all my seeds and they should be emerging anytime now. There are three rows of them. Very exciting. If you come for a visit while they are in bloom I'll cut you a big bunch of them.

Next are the first daffodils that started blooming. They are called "Cheerful". And they are so fragrant. And the ones that I have cut for inside have lasted a long time. Love them.

Next is a Drumstick Primrose. These are very cool. They start blooming before they are all the way up. So when the bloom is still way down low in the cluster of leaves the little florets on the drumstick start to open and then it comes up. I'll take another picture when they are up more. I think that is one of the primroses that I divided last fall and there are several of them out there in the lasagna garden.

Ok, my friend Linda brought me the poop and it was wonderful. Mark calls me the Poop Queen. It was aged so I was able to put it directly on my garden area and I put some of it on the raspberries. I was getting a load of horse manure from my friend Greg last night and it was nicely aged. So I will have lots of great poop for my garden.

Well, Jacob needs to use the computer for his science project so I must go for now
Ta ta.


Jennifer said...

I didn't know you had bee's! Would love to read some more about that! So glad you are able to get out in the yard. Must be near heaven! Love You!

Tinell said...

OH KAY!!! Drumstick prims are a favorite of mine. They stand so tall and sure of themselves...they remind me of the guards at Buckingham Palace...only with a little more of a smile about them. Cheers!