Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Gardener's Journal

I have another favorite garden book that a friend of mine wrote. It's a story about Flora New who moves to Ashville, North Carolina to her mother's home which needs a lot of work and the garden that she brings back to life. It's also about the women who come to live with her and how they resemble the flowers that she plants. It's a delightful story that makes me want to know all about the lives of the women. She also mentions me in the book as someone who introduced her to flowers and also about how I used to bring flowers to the office every week and she loved them. I love this book. The book can be gotten at I highly recommend it.

My friend Linda is bringing me some llama and chicken poo this week. Can't wait.

We are going to go see the greenhouse on Saturday. It's the one that Mark wants to build for me.

The weather is still beautiful today. Clear and 57 degrees right now. What a blessing that is. There are so many things to do in the garden and I can't wait.

So everyone, I hope that where ever you are the sun is shining and you can get your hands dirty.

Ta ta for now.


Jennifer said...

How cool that Rhoda put you in her book! I'm going to check this out. Send some warmth this way would you, it's been freezing this week! Love You!

Kay's flowers said...

Thanks, honey. Yes, its quite an honor to be in someones book. I loved it. I do hope you get some warmth soon. It was so nice to talk to you on Sunday. Have a great week. Love, Mom