Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Seattle Flower and Garden Show

Cold Frame

I got to spend all day at the Seattle Garden show Friday and had the most wonderful time. I went with 3 friends. Carla picked me up at 7:15am and we didn't get home until 9:30 that night. What a day!

I hadn't been to the show in about 6 years. A former boss and me used to go every year and sometimes spend 2 or 3 days going to lectures and touring the gardens and shopping. So it was a real treat to go again. It was fun to see all the gardens. There are some talented people out there. Three of them featured chickens. I was glad to see them because it shows how popular they are becoming.

The fragrance when you walk into the convention center is very powerful. It's like a whole room of hyacinths and daffodils and clean dirt and so many other things all together. It's heaven!

I still don't have the picture thing figured out on here yet. That's why there are pictures with no writing. Some day I'll get this figured out. So here are the descriptions of the pictures.

The first one is three Barbies sitting at a patio. They look quite relaxed don't they? I wish I could look that good sitting in my garden. I've never seen Barbie weeding. I woner how Barbie would look after three or four hours of weeding. Hey Barbie, got a minute?

The second picture is of a chicken in the cab of a small truck. They planted the bed of the truck with a vegtable garden and made the cab into part of a chicken coop. Quite clever. In the lower part of the door there was an opening cut out so that the chickens could go into the coop that was attached to the truck. Very cool.

The third picture is of a cold frame that I'd love to have. I know that they are not supposed to be that hard to build, its just finding the right place. And the window and the time, blah,blahblah. (I can make up a long list of excuses.)

And the last picture is of a John Deere chicken coop and chicken. I really like this one because it was what is called a chicken tractor. That means that you can pick up the whole thing and put it anywhere in your yard that you want and leave it there until the chickens have eaten the lawn and fertilized it and then you move it somewhere else. Very cool.

The other cool thing that I saw at the garden show where Sunglo Greenhouses. I have greenhouse envy for anyone who has one. I know there are many kinds out there but I know someone who has this particular one and she really likes it. I hope to get one this spring if possible.

There's so many things coming up in the garden. It's hard to keep track of everything so I walk out there every chance I get. I do have what look like paperwhites coming out by the back walk. Very exciting!

I worked out in my potting area today just cleaning it up. It felt sooo good. I'm always so embarrassed when someone comes over and it looks like a tornado hit it. So, it will look nice till I start potting things up again.

Well, its time to get something to eat. So,ta for now!


Sanstrom Seven said...

I have a question for you--I would like to grow small pots of herbs indoor year round. Have you tried? Does it work? How much sun/space do they need and how warm would I need to keep my house? Have any info that can help me?

Jennifer said...

I thought the last picture of the chicken tractor looked like it was leading to an underground tunnel/chicken house. That looked cool. Wonder if it would be plausable?
Looking forward to this years home and garden show in Twin. Have never been before and have Spring fever! Love your pictures!!

Kay's flowers said...

Hi Dori. Thanks for visiting. I will try for about the fifth time to answer your questions. I have never grown herbs in the house because I've always grown them outside but I know that it can be done. Do you have a window that gets sun? That would be great. They only need space enough for the pots. I don't think that they need to be all that warm. My herbs winter over in the garden outside and seem to make it ok.
There are a couple of good herbal magazines out there that you can get that will talk about raising herbs indoors and Jennifer probably has them and would let you borrow them. They are nice to have in the house because they smell so good. I hope this has helped. Just think about what you like to cook with and let me know and I will see what I can find out for you. Kay

Sanstrom Seven said...

Thanks, Kay. I would like to do basil for sure, I use it in almost everything. Oregano and thyme are the other two that I would like to try. My kitchen window gets some sun, but not a lot. I guess I'll just have to try it and see. It's a good things herbs are cheap!

Instead of attempting a big garden this year, I am considering a few containers on my deck for lettuce and carrots, peppers and such.