Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's in the Garden

I had a small window of opportunity today to get a whole lot of things done and I did. Walk the dogs, go to Costco and Fred Meyers all before 12:30 when I needed to get Jacob from school. Then after I picked him up the sun was out for just a little bit and I went outside to walk around the garden and yard to see what is still blooming. I took a bunch of pictures and actually put two on here. It takes a while for them to download so I only put two on today. But I had a lot more blooming than there arepictures and there are things already starting to come up all over the place.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there are so many things to be thankful for. Family, friends, faith and the list goes on and on. I am truly blessed with so many friends I love. Life would be so empty without people we love. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. Ta ta for now!

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pierceroost said...

I so miss having flowers blooming and coming up in the late winter. Just being able to go outside in the yard would be nice. Way too cold here now. Ground frozen. Most flowers are dead, maybe not some chrysanthimum's...