Friday, November 27, 2009

Rare Sighting

It's a beautiful sunny day outside and my daughter Sarah sighted a bird outside that we have never seen here before. It was a beautiful male ring neck pheasant and he was fat and sassy. He was outside our fence and we quickly ran and got the camera and got some great shots. He was behind the grape arbor on the other side of the fence pecking away at the grapes that had fallen to the ground. I was able to get pretty close to him and get some great shots. He was really pretty. His markings were beautiful. Mark says that they are pretty rare around here and we've certainly never seen one before.

I finally got two seed catalogs Wednesday and I have been devouring them ever since. It makes me so excited for Spring and it isn't even winter yet! So many flowers and vegetables and so little time. I can dream and dream about next spring and have the most beautiful garden of all in my head till the real one starts to bloom.

My three Viburnum "Dawn" bushes have lots of buds on them and will probably be blooming here pretty soon. Can't wait! Well, that's all for now. Ta ta!


Beth said...

Nice blog. Even I got excited about spring. So many flowers and vegetables and so little time. Like your blog very much.

pierceroost said...

Love the pheasants! I forget that the rest of the world doesn't see them all the time. You took great pictures!