Saturday, April 2, 2011


The coop is coming along very nicely. The fourth day of work was quite fruitful. Mark had to work so my brother worked on it alone. Here is the inside looking out of the nesting boxes. The outside of the boxes will have a hatch that lowers so I can get the eggs from the outside without having to go inside of the coop. Here is one of two roosts they will have.
Here is the front of the coop. The windows and hatches are all covered with hinged doors and the chicken door still has to be done. The hatches on the bottom will open to the side so I can get in and clean out the hutch. This is also going to be painted red with white trim.

Here is one of the trenches we are digging our around the coop. We are so fortunate that our soil is soooo good here. I hardly dug up any rocks and digging down 12 inches was a dream. The trenches are to bury chicken wire so the predators can't dig their way in.

Here is one of the other trenchs.

Here is the door framed in. It's going to have self-closing hinges on it. It will open out and will be chicken wire.

Here is Randy explaining things to Mark.

Here are the chicks that really aren't chicks anymore. I have them in new temporary quarters that I will show you later.

This is quite the adventure. We are learning so much and chickavision is a hoot. Tata for now.


texwisgirl said...

I bet you're so excited! I'd love to have some handy (know-it-all) men around to build things! :) It's really looking great.

Jeri Landers said...

What a happy home you are making for your chicken folk. May they provide you with enough eggs to give to everyone you meet, as our girls do!

Sister Brenda said...

Hi Kay,I love the pictures of you Randy and the chicks. I cannot wait to get there and just sit and hold them. Ijust know they will love it as much as me.Well off for now. Lots of Love Your Sis

Jennifer said...

MOM!!! Your coop is fantastic! I love your burried chicken wire idea. I've heard it is a good way to keep out the diggers. Glad Randy had the time to get it done! Love you all, Jennifer
PS Hi Auntie B!

jendij said...

I asked Sarah if it was like a 5 star hotel. It really is! Nice work Randy and Mark. Lucky hens!