Friday, April 8, 2011

Computer problem, cookies and painting

Good Morning everyone! It's supposed to be about 59 degrees today and sunny! As soon as all the marine layer goes away it will be wonderful. I spent 3 days this week baking 250 peanut butter cookies to take to church for Good News Club for an after school program on Wednesdays when our kids get out of school early. I did eat a few! They were soo yummy! I tried to turn on my computer this morning and it wouldn't turn on. I'm on my husband's computer upstairs and I can't put my pictures on it. We are getting the coop painted!!! So far only the trim has primer on it but since it's supposed to be so nice today I'm hoping to get most of it done. I also have to take Bing to the vet's this afternoon for an ear infection. Poor guy! I know it's really bothering him. Well I better make hay while the sun shines. (Hopefully soon.) So tata for now.


texwisgirl said...

happy coop painting! better than painting a room inside, for sure! slop away!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Can't wait to see the newly refurbished coop!

Are we all having computer problems this month?

All joys,


Phil Grahm Salt said...

Every user of computers get to experience a computer problem. And it so annoying to have that.