Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunrise, Rainbows, Signs of Spring and Changes

There have been many things going on in my world lately and I won't go in to all of them but it's been a busy few weeks. These next four pictures were taken during this past period and I have wanted to get on here and post but haven't.

I had a very big surprise about two weeks ago when I was the winner of Sharon Lovejoy's latest giveaway and received two great books in the mail and some cards. What a treat. Thanks again, Sharon. You can find her on her blog which is listed on my sidebar. It's a great blog and she writes as fascinating on her blog as she does in her books.

This is a picture of the sunrise off our front porch and that is Mount Rainier.

We had a terrific rain storm one afternoon and were left with a beautiful double rainbow. A reminder of God's great promise to us.

A friend of mine had her husband bring me over some plum branches for a little fence around my half moon garden and I brought some in to see if I could get them to bloom and they did. What a treat!

Some of the first daffodils poking their heads out of the ground. Yah daffs! They are even taller than that now.

Our daughter and grandson who have been living with us have moved into an apartment close by and that has been a very big change. The house is very different. So much quieter. We still see each other all time and talk every day.

Our son Chris is moving in with us for awhile as he goes through some changes in his life. It will be nice to have him around.

Our schedules have gotten much busier at church and Mark is starting to work overtime again. We are planning on starting the chicken coop soon so the babies will hopefully be coming in March. I have ordered some chick starter for them.

I always say that I will be better about posting and then things come up and I am not able to so I will just say ta ta for now and hope to write again soon.


Jennifer said...

Chicks!!!!! I saw a great idea for recycling dressers as hen houses. Very clever!

Tinell said...

The girls and I saw that rainbow and went and stood in the pouring rain to get a better glimpse of it. And OHHH...and we L.O.V.E. that mountain.
GLORIOUS! Good to see you yesterday!
Much love,
Friend and Neighbor,

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

We did have some really nice days about a week ago and today was pretty darn nice too. How exciting that you will be getting chicks. I'm really excited to see how that all goes.
I will be going to the Flower and Garden show, but not sure what day yet. If we end up going Friday I'll let you know so we can meet, that would be fun. We plan to work on the front yard and so it will all be weather dependent. I did tell my husband that I'm going to the show no matter what though :) The plant exchange sounds very fun! Will you keep me posted on it? My daughter may have a Lacrosse game then, but if not I'd love to join you. Thanks for thinking of me :)

Jeri Landers said...

I love seeing the daffs because I transferred dozens and dozens of them into my borders today. They were all free as I gathered them from our stream bank where they grow by the thousands!