Friday, April 9, 2010


There is definately a learning curve with the greenhouse. I didn't think it would start getting this hot in the till later this spring or summer. Yesterday it got up to about 93 degrees and the vents opened up. When I got home today it was 112. I was so glad that I had put up the shade cloth yesterday.

Here are the vents opened up. They are automatic and start to open up when it gets to 70 degrees and above. They will completely open up when it gets hotter.

Here is how the shade looks with it just up on one of the walls. It sure helps keep things from burning up. I already had to take some things out because the leaves on the verbena and geranium were burning.

I went to Vassey Nursery today and picked up some Walla Wally Sweet Onion sets to plant this weekend. Mark is going to till up the garden tomorrow.

My friend Carla has a clawfoot bathtub in her back yard that she has goldfish in and waterlillies. I love it and hope someday to get one too.

These are Carla's chickens. I go over and get my chicken fix and visit them. One of these day I too will have chickens.

Yesterday I potted up twelve winter jasmine. My friend Lil had given me a winter jasmine about three years ago and it has done very well. I was able to find twelve rooted shoots that I cut off the mother plant and potted up. I was going to keep them in the greenhouse but with the heat so hot I took them out along with the other flats for the plant exchange. They should do just fine outside the garden room door on the cement.

There is going to be a new bed in the back yard soon. It's going to be 25' to 30' x 5' to 6' wide. I have about twenty-five plants and shrubs to plant there now. So that is our next project. It's getting late now so ta ta for now!

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Busy Busy Girl!! Have Fun!