Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh the joy....

It is 61 degrees outside right now at 2:40 in the afternoon. Oh what joy, oh what bliss. "Why are you inside?" you might ask. I have been working outside for about an hour and a half and came in for a break. The sun is out and I was out there in my long sleeved t-shirt and it was very comfortable. I had bought six primroses and nine pansys and wanted to get them planted and I did. What a spirit lifter to be outside.
I had some children's cowboy boots and rainboots I had gotten a couple of years ago and planted them with some of the pansy's and put the others in pots and containers and it feels like spring. When the ladies come over for bible study on Thursday it will look nice.
There is so much coming up in the garden. When we have days like this and I can go out and explore I feel so much better. Anything coming up in your gardens?
Well, I am going out for round two. Ta ta for now!

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