Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's soo cold. This morning when we got up it was 12 degrees! So, needless to say there has been no activity in the garden by me except maybe a walk thru when I let the dogs out. I haven't even been walking them lately until this morning. They hadn't had a walk since last Thursday when Mark took them for a walk after picking them up from the groomers. It's been that cold. This morning there was no wind blowing so I was able to get them out for a short walk. They were very excited.

Today is our 37th anniversary. I can hardly believe its been that long. We have become each others best friend and I fall deeper in love with him every day. He's very special.

I found a wonderful book that I am really enjoying. Sharon Lovejoy is one of my favorite garden writers and she has a book called "Trowel and Error" and I'm loving it. Over 700 Tips and Remedies for the Gardener. Great stuff.

Well, I've put up two trees now and need to finish decorating and getting out all the Santa's. So, ta ta for now.

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pierceroost said...

Yay! Your decorating the tree's! I am glad to hear it is finally happening! Sarah said you got some kind of giant vase with lit up flowers? I was hopeing that it wasn't going to be a substitute for a christmas tree!