Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Coop

I am so excited! Mark and my brother Randy started on the coop Monday after shopping for materials on Sunday. That was the first of so far five trips to the lumber and hardware store. They are both such troopers. Monday started out pretty nice with some sun coming out in the morning when they started. Here is where the coop and run are going. It's under a grape arbor so it has a frame to start with for the run.

Here are Randy and Mark.

Here is Randy sitting on the floor of the coop. It's about hip high for easier cleaning.

Here is Mark with the front wall. Very exciting!

Ok. Here is the coop at the end of Tuesday. All four walls are up and the frame work for the nesting boxes. is on. The end will have a door that comes down so I can collect the eggs without going into the run. Hooray for husbands and brothers!

More to come! Tata for now.


texwisgirl said...

Pretty crafty design work there! I hope it all works out well!

Jennifer said...

Fancy!!!! Way to go Dad and Randy!!!!