Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Beautiful Day!

This has been anther beautiful day here in the Northwest. When it's good here, it's very good. We seem to be having an Indian Summer before the very cold and wet winter they keep predicting we're going to have here. But I'll take all the good days I can get until then.

I took advantage of the great weather to work out in the half-moon garden today and planted a winter blooming honeysuckle that is supposed to be very fragrant. Then I planted three little agapanthis that I had started from seed from my good friend Susan, who gave them to me last fall and I got them to come up. They are now planted in the ground with tomato cages over them to discourage Bing and Lola from trampling on them when they go charging through the garden. We'll see if it works.

My hydrangea bushes still look pretty good. At least some of the blooms do. I love this color.

Here is one of the agapanthis plants in its cage. I hope it makes it through the winter.

And here are Lola and Bing. Lola's tongue is too long for her mouth so it sticks out all the time giving her a sort of dumb dog look. But we love her anyway and she is our sweetie.

Right now they are at the back door begging to come in and get fed so I'm going to let them in. They are demanding little buggers! Ta ta for now!

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Jennifer said...

Scotty still talks about Lola's tongue and Bing's snorts. I'm glad he loved visiting with them!